Langley Fertilizers

Makers of Troforte

Langley Fertilizers, a speciality fertiliser division and Strategic Business Unit of Sunpalm Australia remains at the forefront of innovation and is the only manufacturer of Controlled Release Fertilisers in Australia, using its own indigenously developed proprietary Polymer Coating Technology. Sunpalm Australia acquired the fertilizer division of Langley Australia Pty Ltd in 2007 and since then is striving to achieve excellence in developing technical capabilities to develop and produce cost effective, affordable environmentally friendly innovative technologies and products, all rooted in the emerging needs of our valued customers.

Under the able guidance and leadership of Tom Langley, a chemical engineer, fellow member of The Royal Institute of Chemical Engineers and proud founder of Langley Australia, Langley Fertilizers maintained its leadership in pioneering technologies and products.

Years of Research and Development work with various Australian and overseas strategic alliances in enhancing the Nutrient Use Efficiency "NUE" by identifying and achieving the correct combination of innovative approaches to Soil Chemistry and Soil Biology in tandem with the optimum and controlled or slow release of nutrients and thus maintaining the optimum level of nutrients in soil or other growing media to match the crop nutrient demand, sets Langley Fertilizers apart from its competition.

Langley Fertilizers is now the leading producer and supplier of a large range of environmental friendly Controlled Release Fertilizers and micronutrients in Australian and overseas markets.
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